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At TYTO we work closely with our overseas partners to take your design from the drawing board to the retail shelfs. Our expertise in Lean, Mass, FMCG and low volume manufacturing tooling in a variety of markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe ensure that your product is of the highest quality and the most cost effective. Expert knowledge of Polymer and Metallic materials as well as manufacturing processes such as Injection Moulding and over-moulding help us translate your product design from 3D CAD to a solid form. Our previous experience in markets ranging from Medical to Consumer Electronic goods means we have got whatever it takes to push your idea to market just-in-time.

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Let TYTO take care of the whole manufacturing process from start to finish. Communicating with our overseas suppliers we manage all stages of manufacturing your product. We have expert experience in working with all modern materials types be it Polymers, Metallics or Ceramics.

To save you cost and time we can source off the shelf parts, components and fixings as part of your finished product. Our relationships with foreign part suppliers mean we always get the best overall value for you.

In addition to your detailed product design we produce manufacturing support documents such as inventories and BOM (Bill Of Materials). This ensurse the quick and accurate procurement of you final design Just-In-Time to hit the stores. Our logistical capabilities include; Import advice, express & container shipments, UK storage.

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