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At TYTO we design amazing and appealing products for businesses and marketers of every kind.  From individual entrepreneurs to small and big label businesses. Anyone who is in need of industrial design services TYTO is ready to take on the challenge for you.
We will guide you every step of the way from concept development and sketch work to the nitty gritty of product design like CAD (Computer Aided Design), engineering and manufacturing. You will be supported from that initial idea to seeing your product on the shelves.


Our work

The details
This is where the journey begins… We will anylise your requirements and undertake detailed research into your specific industry or product area. TYTO will become expert at understating just how your product will function and feel. This highly creative stage of the design process will see your idea conceptualised into sketch form, exploring every possibility.
Solving the real challenges your newly conceptualised product faces… From Snap-Fitting’s to Engineering and FEA calculation to ensure that your product function is fail safe for the end user. Building test jigs and conducting market research are just some of the factors that will help define your product in these final stages.
So we figured it out… Your design is looking the part on paper but now its time to translate those pencil lines into 3D data. At TYTO We use the latest CAD packages to mange all the components of your design this is where all the dimensions and final forms are defined using pro software such as; Solidworks, Pro-E Crea, Catia and Autodesk software.



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