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“Highly accurate working prototypes of your product”

At TYTO we can produce highly accurate working prototypes of your product and consumer designs. An accurate reflection of your manufactured parts prototyping offers your business the opportunity to validate and test your product to ensure failsafe quality and function. It also offers a great visual and tactile incentive to investors that are able to see a precise representation of your idea in the flesh. Our rapid prototyping technologies including 3D printing, prototype tooling and casting’s in many polymer, metallic and ceramic materials. Take the risk out of committing to expensive high volume tooling by validating your design with a rapid prototype by TYTO creative.

This fast accurate service is the best way to see our creation go from the computer screen to the palm of your hand. With turn around times less than one working week, we know that time means money to your business.
Perfect if you need a unique design but need to order thousands of parts. We can produce your design in batches from one to one thousand units. Our overseas partners use the latest 3D print and prototyping technologies.
A prototype gives you the opportunity to prove your design and make any revision before committing to high volume tooling. Here at TYTO we are experience with the latest standing from British Standard, UL, CE, Apple MFI and many more. We also offer testing in areas such as; UV, Drop, IP ingress, Vibration testing.



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We can design your product prototype idea from start to finish…